Thursday, 23 February 2012

Greg Cooke / Datsik / ENiGMA Dubz

It's almost 7 in the morning and I haven't slept all night due to an essay. With Mukkers & Millward so it's alright. Undisputed champion of computer room chair hurdles...dangerous sport. Another remix from greg cooke. Sometimes the best thing about the release of a new chillstep remix from him is that the original music he sources is always spot on.

100% of people who think that dubstep "is just bloody noise" won't like this but I'm putting it up because it's as peng as a ping pong. Alphabet Pony have just released a new track which is worth checking out if you like their stuff and fuck it I'm going to embed the new liquid track from ENiGMA Dubz afterwards too. I'm undecided about the vocals but nice bass win some you lose some.

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