Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mindtalk / Fresh Direct / Synthetic Epiphany / JacM

Mindtalk has been blowing up recently. There seems to be a growing empty chasm when it comes to fresh and original drum and bass which I suppose is what you'd expect when a genre has been explored so much. Vincere and 'Til the End are too absolutely huge tracks though and I've been juggling which one to embed...Go and download his most recent EP from here if you like:

Three Chillstep tracks now. On the subject of dubstep I am desperate to hear Redemptives new album in the wake of Miracle from Blackmill which was a fucking miracle. I might put something of his up later next week. Here's a Fresh Direct remix of Zero 7, think it's a nice change from the usual lana del ray bootlegs, not that I don't love em...

Here's a original composition from Synthetic Epiphany. It's just so perfectly balanced and it's simplicity is made possible with those distant and quite haunting vocals. There's not much music I could go to sleep listening to but I could with this...

Finally a remix of William Fitzsimmons from JacM. He's a specialist in remixing this sort of track

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