Monday, 6 February 2012

Ghosts of Paraguay / Fracx and Aura / Komatic

Wicked remix of Born To Die by Ghosts of Paraguay. He's a sensei of good bass music in Slovakia and Tumba and Sheep lap his stuff up. He never had a single music lesson but taught himself the guitar, piano and how to use a huge array of music software. Here's a remix of Lana Del Ray he brought out recently. Stepped on my headphones and broke off both cups just now :[ ...

Excellent release from Fracx and Aura....I uploaded a track from both these guys on the old site and it's great seeing them collaborate. Shows that liquid dnb is far from dead. Ultimate chill out tune...

Chilling release by Komatic on Shogun Audio. One of the best/most consistent labels out there at the moment. The full version of this will feature (on vinyl) along with a Technicolor collab. which is also sick. Listen to the full build up to appreciate that subtle drop...(Also Fallen Angles ft Jay Wilcox on also on SGN is worth a listen)

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