Thursday, 2 February 2012

Alan Strovich / Omnitica / Cally D

Alan Strovich linked me on soundcloud today and asked if I could share his new Steve Aoki ft Wynter Gordon remix. It's a wicked track and I'll link his soundcloud so you can go and check him out. However it reminded me that I'd completely forgotten to share another one of his tracks which has been sitting in my favorites for a few weeks now...Olivia Broadfield - Say (Strovich Remix). I'll embed that because the people I've played it to loved it and if you like it you can check out the rest of his stuff. He's been consistently creating well produced and interesting tracks recently: Stovich Soundcloud

Hospitality: Brixton on April 6th...Tempted?

Can't believe I'd missed this track from Omnitica."Yo! Ho! And a Bottle of Bass"...He defines it progstep but its definitely Progressive lol-step.
My dashboard has been filled with promo clips recently and there are quite a few big drum and bass tracks coming out soonish. State of Mind and Moving Fusion have managed to release two clips within hours of each other which sound dangerously similar. There's also a new release from Adventure Club if you like their stuff. Last off though I'm going to put up some Cally D. He's a very talented up and coming artist and I've seen he got some exposure on QDR recently with a wicked track called press onwards. Here's a remix he did for the Memoirs competition back in December. Real nice

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