Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mostafa Negm / Greg Cooke / Jontey / Stan SB

Mostafa Negm remix of Paradise...best I've heard to this date.

Here's one for those who think dubstep always has to sound like a chainsaw factory. It's always a shame when classics get ruined but this is fucking sexcellent. The original is such an epic composition and for me on a level with some of Jeff Buckley's stuff. This is Greg Cooke's best release since that remix of the Barcelona track which received quite a bit of acclaim...this deserves it too.

I've embedded mostly dub pieces recently when liquid drum and bass/electro house is my thing. It's not because I'm going off it but there haven't been a huge number of great releases in the past few weeks. Feint released a moleman collab. yesterday and apart from some sick vocals it lacked any depth or ingenuity with it's bass. Here's an older track by Jontey who shares his name with an obviously closet homosexual antiques expert off my favorite tv show cash in the attic...siiick moo

Finally quick bonus preview of Stan SB's new track in the genre of "Stanstep". He's mixing some dub, dnb and jungle themes into it and the result sounds like it's going to be amazing (I've updated the house page with some of my classic favorites if you like that)...

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