Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jantsen / Technicolour / Hiatus & Shura

Got a bunch of tracks I'm going to post over the next few days. I'm gonna mix up the genres so here's an eclectic electro mix with some dub, dnb and chill(er). First off Jansten with a clip of 'when the beats drop' that he previewed a few weeks ago. This track made me get up and leave the library, shot some people with my dubstep pistols on the way out too. Check out Jantsen's soundcloud for more of the same. The Bidgood Brother & co were boasting (on full vol.) about their Palatinalps set downstairs so we dropped this through the roof

Huge release off Spearhead Records from Technicolour. Great label with exciting artists like BCee and N3GUS. Great build up and bass. Used to love the Technicolour/Komatic collaborations...

Something a bit more relaxed from Hiatus and Shura now. If you listen to my soundcloud then you will have heard a track on there recently from Hiatus. They create some amazing ambient chillout music and Hiatus does his own interesting pieces too. He was playing in Camden very recently which is a shame as would have gone if I was in London. "First", which I embedded on lolnado is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Here's the music video of their most successful song...he doesn't cut her up with a chainsaw but that's what I thought was going on

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