Friday, 23 March 2012

Roebuck / Phonics / Fred V & Grafix / Point Blank

I'm going skiing tomorrow so am going to try and post a bunch of tracks before I an eclectic mix here. First a beautiful piece of liquid dnb via roebuck, love his stuff, simple but sexcellent melodies, percussion and production.

Then a remix from the toes competition...this track has only ever been played 20 odd times? Not sure why it's a great effort and I love it. I think as the genre matures plenty more producers will be heading down this ambient route, especially in the wake of success left by Blackmill and Rameses.

This is a big release from Fred V and Grafix...being dropped everywhere. Signed to Viper Recordings which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest labels in the scene.

Finally a classic dubstep tune (Free dl link). If you don't like womdubbywom dubstep then skip this...even though I don't much of the time, this particular tune puts a smile on my face. A friend of mine was asking about what constitutes 'liquid' in electronic music today...this is NAT liquid. I'll try post again when I get home at like 5 in the morning...ergh

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