Monday, 5 March 2012

Goku / Sub Focus / Inertia

Remix from Goku up for free download. Such a tune. He's putting up another track on his soundcloud for dl over the next 24 hours so that's worth grabbing.

Love is a potion mixed up by careless fools. UKF dub/dnb have been posting loads of great stuff recently. Hadn't heard a new Sub Focus track for a while so this was a welcome release....doesn't disappoint

The original of this remix is so good. I was listening it loads last week and looked up if anyone had remixed it. Low and behold there was one on suicidesheep. I don't know whether it ruins the original or...just adds another dimension to it in my opinion. First bit of glitch hop up in here! Page is taking ages to load with all the videos embedded so I'll have to find away around that over the next few days.

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