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Greg Cooke Music Interview on NuMooSick

Greg Cooke has been taking off since the release of his widely featured chilstep remixes of Barcelona, Cinematic Orchestra and Lana Del Ray. He's also been producing some quality liquid drum and bass and his acclaim in the underground electronic scene is growing as SuicideSheep, Famer, Sersje, SaintsofSerenity and Tumba are all rushing to support his music. Here's a small interview he kindly agreed to do on his music.....

Where where you brought up and what originally got you into music...did you come from a musical family? Did you study music tech?  

"I was brought up in Coventry, Uk. All through my life my family were into their music, I had my mothers side which was mostly motown and soul and my fathers side which was reggae and funk. Personally I loved all music and was influenced from a young age. I originally started listening to a lot of Hip hop, and really got into the idea of emcee'ing and making hip hop instrumentals. Whilst I was making lyrics and recording my own tracks I started performing around different clubs in Coventry for a label called Urban disorder. Then time went on and I finished my 3 years National Diploma course on music tech when i was 19, And after the course I got more of a love for drum and bass and dubstep and decided to start producing this genre after hearing a track by London Elektricity called Billion Dollar Gravy!!"

Yea classic track (I've embedded it above...get some decent headphones on, the bass is incredible...) When you first started producing what genre did you latch on to and what influenced your early tastes? 

"Common and Kanye West influenced me on the hip hop part but as I grew up I got the love of DnB through London Elektricty, High Contrast and many other haha."

What software do you use to create your music and where do you do it? Have you ever had a go at DJ'ing?

"I currently use Fruity Loops 10 xxl. A very underated piece of music software in my opinion! I make all my music in my bedroom at home, even though it was great using studio equipment when I was at college. I've recently started practising Dj'ing, because I know this is a big thing for certain producers now as I have seen at festivals and events where producers are using them".

What gives you your inspiration when you are composing or remixing?...

"I mostly get my inspiration from just listening to different types of music of youtube and soundcloud, If i hear a track that i really feel, then i might use that as a referance track or just try and create a similar vibe".

Where do you see the future of your music, do you just do it for fun or would you like to see it turn into a career...also what was the biggest turning point in your musical journey so far?

"My biggest achievement so far would be getting a contract off a label just recently to sell one of my tracks "In Time". Getting my music promoted on a channel like Suicidesheep's is amazing, but I think actually having someone like your music enough to want to pay for it is that extra bonus. For years now I have made music just for the love of it, but I'm getting to a point where I spend so much time and effort into perfecting something, I think the extra bit of money on the side is the "cherry on the top" for me".

Congratulations on the signing! Which current artists are you getting hyped about following right now

"I say mainstream I loveee Netsky and Danny Bryd's work. Every track they originally make or remix just has an uniqueness to it. I say for an upcoming producer Rameses B is looking very good with his work and his sound is getting very professinal."

Completely agree with you about Rameses. What's your personal favorite song you've produced?

"Hmm Personally my favourite would be "In Time", because it's not a complicated track, all of the melody's and samples were orignal, And i just like the feel to it, it has a certain summer vibe to it which i dig :)."
Thanks :)

Thanks so much Greg Cooke! Here's an amazing remix he did of To Build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra and his dnb track In Time:

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